Albert Einstein’s letter about helping Jewish refugees during World War II to sell

A letter will be typed and signed by Albert Einstein during World War II, with moving content about helping Jewish refugees, at an auction by Nate D. Sanders Auctions on March 25, 2021 in Los Angeles. The starting price is $ 10,000.

Written in English in June 1939 on his blind personal letterhead from Princeton, the Jewish-German physicist talks to William Morris of the famous William Morris Group, who worked on behalf of the refugees at Consecration Week. ‘

“The opposing power that has forced Jews to live for thousands of years has been largely based on traditions of mutual aid,” Einstein wrote at the beginning of his letter, confirming that in the these sad years, [our] Helping each other is put to the test. ” Albert Einstein printed letter signed during World War II. (Credit: Permitted)

“We may stand this test in addition to what our forefathers did before us,” Einstein further said. “We have no other way of self-defense than our loyalty and knowledge that is a great cause and holy is the reason for which we suffer. “

“It must be a source of deep hope for you to make a significant contribution to saving our persecuted witnesses from their perilous danger and leading them towards a better future …,” he said. Nobel Prize recipient finally waiting.

This is not the first time Einstein’s letters have been sold by Nate D. Sanders Auctions. In August 2019, a 1935 letter from Albert Einstein denying antisemitism in the American academic world was auctioned in Los Angeles. The letter was written in German and addressed to Paul Epstein’s Jewish physicist.

Two other letters written by Einstein were sold at the same time. The first is a letter of recommendation from 1921 for Epstein.

In the second document, written in 1939, the scientist suggested Jewish tradition of mutual support.