Address to the Prime Minister: “To approve the settlement arrangement”

The young settlement protest

Photo: Courtesy of the young settlement

The Young Settlement Forum, which works to regulate young settlements in Judea and Samaria, sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and to the leaders of the Shas, Right, New Hope, Religious Zionism, Torah Judaism and Yisrael Beiteinu parties, demanding the government’s decision to regulate young settlements.

In the letter, the forum writes that “in recent months, with your help, we have led a determined move to regulate young settlement and end the absurd situation in which over 20,000 residents do not receive basic infrastructure of life and security.”

“The Israeli governments that sent us to the field have failed one by one to complete the process of establishing the settlements. In the current government, with your help and as stated after a determined and unjustified struggle, a government decision was formulated to end the ongoing saga of our settlements.

The letter calls for the implementation of the government’s decision to regulate the localities. “Remember, due to temporary political and legal circumstances, the government decision was stopped at the cabinet table and did not go up for approval, despite widespread support in the Knesset and the government.” On the eve of new elections, on the eve of the formation of a new government. To the guidelines of any government that will be established the regulation of the young settlement, and that you will act to approve the decision of the government prepared immediately upon the formation of the new government. It’s in your hands. Only the continuation of determined activity now will make it possible to complete the work that will finally provide basic conditions for the residents. “

“We are confident that you will continue your support for the settlement, and look forward to a positive, unequivocal and public response to our request,” the forum concludes its letter.