A round of Oracle shares yielded CEO Safra Katz $ 76 million

Oracle CEO Safra Katz yesterday completed a series of deals in the company’s shares, which ultimately yielded it a handsome profit of $ 76 million. Katz, the former Israeli, bought 2.24 million shares at a low price (inExercising an option) And later sold them at a much higher market price.

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According to an Oracle report to the SEC, the CEO bought 1.10 million shares on March 19 for $ 32.43. On March 22, it purchased another 1.15 million shares, at the same price. At the same time, Katz sold the same number on March 19. The shares it bought, 1.10 million, at an average price of $ 66.4813 and on March 22 the operation repeated itself – a sale of 1.14 million shares at an average price of $ 66.3143.

In total, Katz recorded a profit of $ 76.42 million in these transactions. Oracle is currently traded at a market value of just over $ 195 billion – the share price today is around $ 67.70.

This is not the first time that the CEO of Oracle has “played” in the shares it holds, mainly through the exercise of options. Since 2006, Katz has performed over 53 Oracle shares as part of the rewards it received. It receives an annual salary of almost $ 1 million but Katz’s main reward is in options and grants, and in 2019 he crossed the $ 100 million mark.

In the last 15 years, Katz has sold almost 28.5 million shares. She joined Oracle in April 1999, became a board member in October 2001 and was appointed co-CEO of the company in September 2014 alongside Mark Hurd, who passed away in late 2019 – since then she has served as sole CEO.

Safra Katz Photo: Bloomberg