3 days before the election The Balfour protest reaches its peak

Three days before the election, the protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu culminates today (Saturday) in hundreds of demonstrations around the country, protest convoys, a procession from the Knesset and a huge demonstration in front of the official Prime Minister’s residence in Balfour under the heading “It’s in our hands!” Last to encourage the public to vote this coming Tuesday.

Protest centers for support and expression of solidarity will also be held in 14 cities around the world by Israelis living abroad and Israelis who could not return to vote. Among the centers are New York, Toronto, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sydney. Around the world will be held at the same time in Israel time in parallel with the main event in Balfour.

For the past nine months, protest activists have been going out weekly to intersections and bridges across the country, to Balfour and Caesarea to demonstrate against the situation in the country where a prime minister is charged with crimes. Protest organizers hope to fill Paris Square tonight and bring in tens of thousands of protesters as happened at the height of the protest last summer.

Protesters against Benjamin Netanyahu and governmental corruption at the Kochav / Photo junction: The Black Flags

The black flags report that the protest activist, Dr. Yael Shomer, a lecturer in political science at Tel Aviv University, was attacked at the Tzamarot junction in Herzliya. Shomer said: “We were standing at the junction in front of us the three regular babysitters only this time a woman and two children joined them. She crossed the road towards us and verbally confronted a demonstrator next to me as I turned my back on both of them. “Suddenly a karate blow came down behind my left ear. I was miraculously not injured here two months after spinal surgery.”

Cooperation of all protest organizations

The demonstration in Balfour takes place tonight after the Likud petition to prevent it was rejected yesterday (Friday) by the chairman of the Central Election Commission, Judge Uzi Vogelman. He ruled that the Likud’s claims had not been proven.

All the protest organizations are cooperating today, including: the Black Flags, the Prime Minister, No Situation, Israeli Commerce, Investigation Now and more. Dr. Shikma Schwartzman, a physicist from the Weizmann Institute and a leader in the black flag movement, told Globes today, “We are 3 days before the election and we want the general public to go to the polls and this is the last time we will have to protest. This is not a hobby we have developed and we would be happy for it to end. We are here out of existential concern for the future of the country. The threat from home – a prime minister accused of crimes – endangers the future of democracy and the future of the entire country. “

Schwartzman emphasizes that the protest is not aimed at the Likud party but at a situation in which those who run the country are accused of crimes and that there is a significant part among the protest supporters who hold ideological positions of the right-wing camp.

Regarding the results of the polls published yesterday, Schwartzman says that “you do the maximum at a given moment. No football game would have been decided in the ninetieth minute if the players had not continued to play 90 minutes.”

A march of 250 pilots, performances and a 50-meter Israeli flag

Among the events tonight is the “Pilots’ March” – about 250 former Air Force pilots from the “555 Patriots” group will march the windmill near Mishkenot Sha’ananim to the main event in Balfour. Among the leaders of the march were Lt. Col. Dan Halutz, Amir Hashakel, Zavik Raz, and the widows of pilots who fell to Tami Arad

The main event in Balfour will be hosted by actor Lior Ashkenazi and the stage will feature Danny Bassan, Achinoam Nini, the LUCILLE CREW band, Esther Shamir and others. At the event, a 50-meter Israeli flag will be deployed.

The “No Situation” movement said today that “in the last nine months, a huge protest has grown here. Despite all the attempts to lower its voice, it is powerful, strong and significant. The people of Israel want change.”

The “Komi Israel” youth movement said that “after irresponsible politicians dragged an entire country to a fourth election, it is time to put an end to this madness. The change camp is the majority in the State of Israel and therefore only has the power to do so.”

In light of the violent incidents that take place around the country every week, this past weekend, Adv. Gonen Ben Yitzhak of the ‘Crimean Minister’ movement wrote a letter to Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai, demanding an increased attendance and special preparation for the events in Balfour and around the country. Of provocateurs and violent elements to the compound, avoid unnecessary friction and remove the pressure barriers.