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The road to the best fighting event on the calendar is almost complete. WWE WrestleMania 37 is almost here, and with the settings, this should be one of the most memorable editions of the “Show of Shows” we’ve seen in a long time. WrestleMania 36 last year had to come out of the empty WWE Performance Center due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, however, normalcy returns to normal fans will be allowed at limited capacity.

WWE WrestleMania 37 takes place on Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The main shows start at 7pm ET and stream live on Peacock with kickoff shows starting the festival as well at a confirmed time. So let’s take a look now at the WrestleMania 37 games that have been tested as well as a breakdown of what else might be added to the maids card based on a weekly weekly TV guide.

WWE WrestleMania 37 matches

Night 1 – Saturday, April 10th

Wpais competition – Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Drew Carpenter: MacIntyre successfully defended the WWE tournament inside the Elimination Chamber, but a post – match attack with Lashley MacIntyre left the game open for Miz to make money in the playoffs. Money in the Bank newspaper and winning the title. Lashley took the title from Miz just a week later in a dominant fashion, and two weeks later, it was announced that MacIntyre would challenge Lashley for the title on the card. MacIntyre defeated Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin in a handball match with the condition that both would be banned from the ring side at WrestleMania.

SmackDown Women’s Competition – Sasha Banks (c) vs Bianca Belair: Belair has officially announced that she will use her Royal Rumble award to challenge Banks for the WrestleMania title. Banks and Belair joined forces at the Elimination Chamber to challenge for women’s tag titles but lost when Reginald stepped in in an attempt to give Banks a try. They will again work together to challenge for the Fastlane titles, but after that, we prepare for what can be one of the best games on the biggest card of the year.

Bad Bunny vs Am Miz: It only made sense to end up playing out the Bad Bunny story that has been gradually evolving since Bunny played at the Rumble. Damien Priest had been a muscle for Bunny, and they beat Miz and Morrison at almost every turn in and out of the ring. Miz finally got revenge on Bunny, beating him with a guitar on Raw. The next week, Miz sent out a challenge for WrestleMania and Bunny responded with his own guitar drawing before joining the game.

Night 2 – Sunday, April 11th

Universal Competition – Roman Kingdoms (c) vs. Edge: Edge was waiting to pick his opponent after winning the Royal Rumble, playing head-to-head games with the champs across NXT, Raw and SmackDown. Those games didn’t bother anyone more than Reigns, who always believed in Edge’s target. At Elimination, Edge made his final move, putting Reigns down with a spear while the champion celebrated his victory over Daniel Bryan, who had won a grim room game minutes earlier. After the spear came the WrestleMania sign point, and the challenge was official.

Raw Women’s Competition – Asuka (c) vs Rhea Ripley: Ripley made her debut on Raw, and went out of her way to make it a memory. After Asuka defeated Peyton Royce in an untitled match, the NXT women’s vice-champion appeared. Wanting an immediate victory, Ripley challenged Asuka for the Raw women’s title at WrestleMania, and the champion quickly took over.

Other official games

Raw Tag Competition – The New Day (c) AJ Styles & Omos: New Day got back the tag team titles from the Hurt Business on Raw, and soon after, Styles and its muscles were out to take on the challenge. New Day was quickly adopted, marking the debut of Omos on the main album.

Shane McMahon vs Braun Strowman: This controversy has been lingering for a long time, and with McMahon ‘s recent verbal attacks on Strowman in which he calls the seemingly “Monster Among Men” nonsense, it seemed that these two were engaged inside Raymond James Stadium. After a year-long hiatus, WrestleMania once again showcases a game featuring McMahon – who usually tends to deliver a sort of memorable moment.

WWE WrestleMania Forecast 37

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton: Since Orton set fire to the Fiend, Alexa Bliss has made Orton ‘s life miserable once again. All the while, Bliss has promised that the Fiend would be born again. That is likely to happen ahead of WrestleMania, leading to another Wyatt-centric gimmick game. It would also see the return of the cinematic games that were the highlight of WrestleMania two days 2020 before the company overtook them and lost steam.

Interdepartmental Competition – Big E (c) vs Apollo teams: Big E and Crews meet at Fastlane in a title game, but you get the feeling that it won’t mark the end of the rivalry between these two, no matter the outcome. If Big E vs Crews isn’t WrestleMania’s intergalactic title game, there’s not a ton of time to build into a triumphant show for the champion.

SmackDown Tag Team Competition – Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode (c) vs the street profits: The profits have been waiting for their chance to rebound after losing the titles to Ziggler and Roode. They were told by Sonya Deville that they will get the bullet when the time is right – so when is the time ever better than WrestleMania?

Andre Battle of the Giant Royal Memorial: With two days of WrestleMania to fill, the return of the royal battlefield would be a great addition as well as an opportunity to showcase more of the roster under the brightest lights. The field will be largely driven by who and when an active storyline doesn’t go into the event, but the return of the WrestleMania tradition makes sense.

The Royal Battle of the Women: For reasons similar to the men’s royal battle, there is ample reason to reflect the return of the royal women’s battle. This is largely true of the sad fact that women, despite growing up as part of WWE shows, still get far fewer spots on pay-per-view events than men. With so many talented women needing a chance to shine, it looks like WWE will be loading up the ring with a prize on the line.